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Humu makes it easy to manage action within every one of your teams.

How action management works

Pinpoint what matters most

Cut through the noise in your employee data to identify the key drivers that will deliver results.

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Empower your teams to get better and better by meeting each person exactly where they are.

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See in real-time how and where action is happening within your company.

Make work better

Continually inspire the small steps that sum up to profound, cohesive improvement.

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What our customers are saying

"People don’t have to wait for management to roll out a time-intensive program. Humu provides our employees with relevant, customized feedback that’s not generic or mundane. Nudges democratize the employee engagement process; they make learning much more timely and easy for everyone involved. We have a 70% open rate, which means it’s going really well. Our employees really dig it."

Chris Edmonds-Waters
Chief Human Resources Officer

"At sweetgreen, our team members are our most important ingredient. That’s why we decided to partner with Humu. Their science and analytics enable us to measure and improve each and every team member’s experience at sweetgreen and give us the data, insights and nudges to create a more engaged and performance driven workplace."

Jonathan Neman
Founder & CEO

"At Farfetch, keeping our unique culture as we grow is extremely important to us. One of our top priorities is understanding what people need to be happy at work. Humu’s science-first approach helps us to truly understand what matters most to our Farfetchers–and what actions to take. The Humu insights are so valuable—over half of our managers took action on them."

Sian Keane
Chief People Officer

"OfferUp became the largest mobile marketplace in the US by focusing on connecting people and being neighborly. Humu allows us to make this core value actionable by taking a data-driven approach to measuring and improving employee happiness and productivity. With Humu, we were able to zero in on the most impactful focus areas, and improve employee sentiment by 20% in just a few months."

Nick Huzar
CEO and co-founder

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