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The Humu Nudge Engine is Making Work Better—Here’s How

Posted by Laszlo Bock on October 8, 2018 in Humu News

By combining research, technology, and humanity, Humu measures what matters inside organizations to focus attention and action on the incremental—but dramatic—changes that lead to a stronger, happier, and more productive workplace.

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Help! Four ways to keep your cool in a workplace confrontation

Posted by Molly Sands PhD on June 14, 2019 in People Science

Picture this: you’re quietly working, enjoying a cup of coffee, when a colleague approaches. “I need to talk to you,” they hiss, folding their arms over their chest. Your heart rate spikes, your palms sweat, and your throat feels dry. What should you do next?

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What’s New with Humu—June 2019 Edition

Posted by Liz Fosslien on June 11, 2019 in Inside Humu

Three scientifically-backed ways to make remote work… work. Plus, everything that's happening at Humu this month.

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Privacy at Humu: Vulnerabilities, Breaches, and Notifications

Posted by Lea Kissner on June 3, 2019 in Inside Humu

At Humu, we want to build a world where people are treated with humanity, respect, and consideration. That’s why, as a company, we’ve made a commitment to doing what’s right, whether by sharing insights from our research teams or by volunteering in our communities. Because to truly make work better, it takes a village.

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How Employee Engagement Surveys Kill Culture

Posted by Laszlo Bock on May 31, 2019 in People Science

It only takes one engagement survey to destroy the company culture you’ve worked years to create. I’ve seen this pattern happen at too many organizations. Leadership sets out with the best intentions: to increase happiness, well-being, and inclusion at work. They know that the best place to start is to ask employees for feedback on what’s going well and what needs attention. And then they make a fatal mistake.

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What’s New with Humu—May 2019 Edition

Posted by Liz Fosslien on May 14, 2019 in Uncategorized

What should you do when you’re stressed at work, but have little control over the underlying stressor? Our team is familiar with the normal ups and downs that occur at a rapidly growing startup. It helps that we’re an incredibly supportive group, but we also successfully navigate it all by practicing emotion regulation—science speak for […]

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Humu Turns Two: To Celebrate Your Culture, Let the Team Take Over

Posted by Liz Fosslien on May 7, 2019 in Inside Humu

On May 1st, a momentous thing happened… Humu turned two! To celebrate how far Humu has come—as a company, as a product, and as a team—we took to the Santa Cruz mountains for a day of cooking, collaborating, and competing. Even better, the whole event was self-planned.

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Can a bad manager make you like your job… more?

Posted by Stefanie Tignor PhD on April 23, 2019 in People Science

When we dug into real organizational data, we found that in some cases, having a bad manager can actually make you more likely to stay at your job. How is that possible?

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What’s New with Humu—April 2019 Edition

Posted by Liz Fosslien on April 9, 2019 in Newsletter

While 24/7 happiness isn’t possible, here are five tiny tweaks to increase the positive emotions you experience, help you feel more passionate about your job, and feel a sense of belonging at work.

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On the ‘Muve: Our new office

Posted by Liz Fosslien on April 5, 2019 in Inside Humu

We moved! To show you our new space—and the thought that went into designing it—we asked the team to share their favorite things about our new digs.

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Why Happiness Wins

Posted by Tom Skiba PhD on March 15, 2019 in People Science

At Humu, the thing we get asked about the most—by our partners, new hires, and the occasional person on the street—is happiness.

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What’s New with Humu—March 2019 Edition

Posted by Meghan Casserly on March 12, 2019 in Newsletter

And at Humu HQ, March is about highlighting the contributions of the women in our field who are taking great strides and giant leaps in the mission to make work better.

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What’s New with Humu—February 2019 Edition

Posted by Meghan Casserly on February 12, 2019 in Newsletter

The latest dispatch from Humu HQ. What we're loving, what we're learning, and what we're doing in the month of February.

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Inside Humu: Recruiting a Workforce to Reflect our World

Posted by Joy Ekuta on January 30, 2019 in Inside Humu

To make work better, buzzwords aren’t enough. A primer on how we've designed recruiting at Humu to bust bias—and an invitation to join us.

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What’s New with Humu—January 2019 Edition

Posted by Meghan Casserly on January 15, 2019 in Newsletter

We’re more than doubling the team at Humu this year, and moving to a (much!) bigger office to continue our efforts to make work better. That means hiring the best and the brightest from all walks of life.

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Data Privacy at Humu: Building Systems for Trust to Make Work Better

Posted by Bryan Zimmer on January 9, 2019 in Humu News

Humu’s investment in both privacy and security is a part of our commitment to keeping a little bit of love in everything we do. That love and care of the data we’re trusted with is a critical part of our mission.

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Inside Humu: 12 Ways We Celebrate Culture at Humu

Posted by Meghan Casserly on December 12, 2018 in Newsletter

Customs we celebrate year-round to keep the Humu work culture bright. 

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Seven Ways Gratitude Makes Work Better

Posted by Molly Sands PhD on November 14, 2018 in People Science

From Humu's resident expert in emotion: these scientifically-validated benefits of gratitude at work will make every "thank you" a little more powerful.

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Talking Culture with Salesforce & Great Place to Work

Posted by Laszlo Bock on November 12, 2018 in Humu and friends

A few weeks back, as a part of Humu’s participation in the 2018 Dreamforce Conference in San Francisco, I got the chance to participate in a breakfast session with two people I admire: Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work and Jody Kohner, SVP of Employee Experience at Salesforce. Over breakfast with more than […]

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What’s New With Humu—November 2018

Posted by Meghan Casserly on November 6, 2018 in Newsletter

Happy Election Day! There’s a lot at stake this midterm cycle, so for those of you in the States—whatever your political views—I hope you’ve carved out time to cast your votes.  (Apologies in advance to non-US folks for what might be a bit of an Americana overkill. Feel free to stop reading and we’ll catch up […]

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The Science of Speaking Up: Behavioral Science & Election Day

Posted by Jessie Wisdom PhD on November 2, 2018 in People Science

And as big believers in the efficacy of nudges, or micro-interventions, we’re fascinated by the growing number of behavioral science principles at play in driving democracy these days.

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What’s New With Humu—October 2018

Posted by Meghan Casserly on October 9, 2018 in Newsletter

After 18 months of piloting, Humu has swum out of stealth mode to unveil the Nudge Engine—technology that transforms organizations at scale using small, personal steps based on science, machine learning, and a little love.

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What’s New With Humu—September 2018

Posted by Meghan Casserly on September 10, 2018 in Newsletter

After 16 months of product development and quiet deployment with an incredible group of partners, we’re swimming out of stealth-mode later this month. Watch our social channels for the latest breaking news.

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Non-Solicit Agreements: Why They’re Wrong For Humu—And Silicon Valley

Posted by Laszlo Bock on August 22, 2018 in Humu News

This post was originally published as “Employee Poaching is Good For Business—Here’s Why” on Fast Company. There’s a lot to love about Silicon Valley. Some of the world’s most talented people tackling massive business challenges; flat, meritocratic cultures; an empowerment of employee voice that allows them to make real change happen. And of course the […]

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What’s New With Humu—August 2018

Posted by Meghan Casserly on August 14, 2018 in Newsletter

The latest on Castro Street

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What’s New With Humu—July 2018

Posted by emilyhumu on July 9, 2018 in Newsletter

Ahhh, summer. The warmer weather on both coasts has us feeling extra social, and we’re sharing some seasonal research to help navigate the dog days whether you’re holding down the fort at work or taking some much needed time off. What we’re doing… Humu has been logging major miles this summer, traveling to see our […]

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Inside Humu: How Moving from Google Domains to Google Cloud DNS Was Painful—And How We Fixed It

Posted by Yonatan Zunger on June 18, 2018 in Engineering

This blog post is the first in an intermittent series about things we’ve learned in our first year as a startup. The goal of these posts is to help others avoid the same misery—and to make work better. ← see what we did there?

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What’s New With Humu—June 2018

Posted by Meghan Casserly on June 5, 2018 in Newsletter

Schools (almost!) out for summer. We’re feeling the air of anticipation at Humu HQ, where between us we’re parents to 14 small humans, 10 dogs, 4 cats (two of which are hairless Sphynx), 2 chinchillas and a parrot, all of them vying for our attention. But there’s no rest for the team in Mountain View! […]

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One Year of Science, Machine Learning, and Love

Posted by Wayne Crosby on April 30, 2018 in Humu News

Today marks an important milestone for the Humu team. It’s the culmination of twelve months of developing and deploying behavioral change technology that helps people become happier and more productive at work, in real time. And it also sets the compass for the next phase of the company as we continue on our mission of […]

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