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COVID-19: We’re providing nudges to anyone who needs them

Written by Liz Fosslien

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As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, organizations are implementing unprecedented shifts in how they work. This is a historic time that requires all of us to be adaptable, resilient, and supportive of one another in the face of uncertainty. 

At Humu, our mission is to make work better for everyone, everywhere. As part of that effort, we’re providing modified email nudges about working remotely or with distributed colleagues to our customers and anyone who wants them.

In normal times, our nudges are highly customized to your company, team and yourself. In direct response to the global crisis, we’ve created nudges that are more generally useful for anyone able to work from home.

Each nudge will contain a short, scientifically-backed* suggestion to help you better work from home (or support those who cannot do so) and navigate uncertainty. You can expect to get a new nudge in your inbox every few days.

Humu nudge recipients find our nudges most helpful when received in context. You’ll benefit more if you receive them in your work email as part of your flow.


Unfortunately these nudges are no longer available as of July 2020



If you know someone you think might benefit from these nudges, please forward them this email or encourage them to sign up at humu.com/remote-nudges.

A few tips to get you started

Keeping distributed teams cohesive and productive is hard. Here are three beneficial science-backed behaviors that will keep you and your teams connected, productive, and healthy during these uncertain times:

Stick to a schedule. Unstructured time makes it easy for the day to get away from you. Instead, block off time on your calendar to complete different tasks. For example, set aside an hour in the morning to check in with colleagues, or two hours in the afternoon for heads-down project work. Commit to these blocks like you would any other meeting – no flaking on yourself! And remember to share your schedule with others.

Document discussions. It’s not always possible to have everyone in every meeting, especially if you’re juggling stakeholders around the world. Among virtual teams, careful documentation is especially important in boosting performance and trust. Communicate the purpose of the meeting in advance, and then document and share notes from the discussion so people aren’t accidentally left behind.

Show care for those not able to work from home. Many people don’t have the option to work remotely. From cashiers to baristas, delivery drivers to first responders, some people will still need to be physically on the job. For their sake, make sure you follow government advice on social distancing and carefully washing your hands when you do venture out. And be sure to thank them.

For more tactical tips from our team, check out People Scientist Rachel Callan’s write-up on how to make remote work work, and Localization Expert Jake Goldwasser’s piece on building community within a global team

This is a time that requires each of us to do our part. Stay safe, and let’s do everything we can to keep each other healthy.


* A quick word about “scientifically-backed.” Our credo at Humu is the same as the one doctors use: first do no harm. Every nudge we send is based on peer-reviewed academic literature, which is then validated by our team of PhD people scientists, our academic advisors, or our leaders who have been pioneers in remote work and wellbeing. During a pandemic, it’s especially important to rely on trustworthy sources. We take this responsibility seriously, and are being especially careful to share only advice that is proven to help.

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