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What’s New With Humu—June 2018

Written by Meghan Casserly

Schools (almost!) out for summer. We’re feeling the air of anticipation at Humu HQ, where between us we’re parents to 14 small humans, 10 dogs, 4 cats (two of which are hairless Sphynx), 2 chinchillas and a parrot, all of them vying for our attention.

But there’s no rest for the team in Mountain View! Between product revamps, orchestrating a schedule of family vacations and growing the Humu team by 60%, we’re thinking a lot about how we spend our most precious resource: time.

We’re bringing you the best we’ve seen recently on the topic, but would love to hear from you, as usual. How are you making sure every second counts as we slide into the summer?

What we’re doing…

Spending our time the best way we know how: with sweat equity through the hottest months of the year. We’re rolling up our sleeves to build out a customized retail experience of the Humu product. Working side-by-side with early partners maximizes the impact we can have industry-by-industry to make work better for everyone—everywhere.

We’d love to share photos (some of them are downright hilarious!) but we’ve promised partners that we won’t kiss-and-tell.


Cofounder Wayne Crosby’s slipper collection. Every new member of our team gets a $20 stipend towards alternative office footwear.

What we’re learning…

This study highlights how the “time famine” of modern life can be reduced—by using money to buy time. Surveys across four countries show that spending money on time-saving services (like cooking, cleaning, or driving) is linked to greater life satisfaction, and that people report higher levels of happiness after spending on a time-saving purchase than material goods. And surprisingly, income wasn’t a factor: people benefited from buying time regardless. This research was published last summer, but it’s certainly assuaging some early-summer guilt here at Humu HQ. Call in the dog-walkers!

What we’re loving…

At Humu we’re all about transparency—and its ability to radically transform workplaces. But it could also be the secret to making tough calls when personal and professional commitments compete for your time. Try defining a values-based decision-making process for when you’ll choose work over family, and vice-versa. Our People Scientists suggest taking it one step further, and making this process known to colleagues and significant others. “Once you’ve determined a general working model,” time management coach Elizabeth Saunders writes in HBR, “You can make choices with less — or even potentially no — guilt.” Sign me up, sister.

What we’re reading…

Think about the last meeting you attended. It very likely included a loosely planned agenda, a number of off-topic tangents, and vague commitments to—well, to future meetings. Priya Parker, the author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet And Why It Matters, doesn’t just point out the most common errors of bringing people together (everything from business meetings to court proceedings and ritualistic baby showers), but provides concrete solutions. The first step of any successful gathering is “committing to a bold, sharp purpose,” in order to providing value to attendees in exchange for their most precious of commodities: time.

What you’re sharing…

We got a lovely surprise from Emma in Sydney whose signed copy of Work Rules made it 7,000 miles from Mountain View.


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