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Nudges to help you make improvements that stick

Written by Liz Fosslien

It’s almost 2021! And if you’re like us, you’re really ready to make the year ahead better than the last. But science shows that building new habits can be hard, even when you have the best intentions (80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February).

That’s why we’re offering a package of 10 New Years nudges to anyone who wants them. With a focus on combating stress and making progress, the nudges will help you easily make improvements that stick. Register now to get your first nudge in early January. Cheers to the better year ahead!

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The top 10 Humu nudges of 2020

What worked in 2020

Our data scientists crunched the numbers to pinpoint the 10 most powerful nudges we delivered this year. Here’s a sneak peek at the small actions that had the biggest impact on people’s morale, engagement, and performance.

• Ask more meaningful questions: This week, instead of “How are you?” which is likely to result in “Fine,” try “What are you looking forward to this week?” or “What’s been the highlight of your day?”

• Make your workload work: Talk to your manager about your workload. If you’re bored, ask to take on more complex tasks. If you’re overwhelmed, ask how you might be more intentional about applying your skills.

• Go for it: This week, make it a point to take on a new responsibility. By breaking out of your normal routine, you can quickly expand your abilities—and discover a new type of work that you love!

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Why action management beats action planning

When COVID hit, organizations were forced to throw their action plans out the window. And as the pace of change only continues to accelerate, leaders need a better approach for 2021. That’s where action management comes in. Tune in for a live event on January 14th at 9am PST to learn more about how leaders can shift from long-term planning to immediate, continuous improvement.

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How Ford Motor Company Help Employees Take Action

To drive real improvement, leaders need to inspire action at every level of an organization. That’s no easy feat. Our CEO Laszlo Bock spoke with Marina Pearce, PhD, Global Head of Talent Analytics at Ford Motor Company, to discuss how leaders can better help their teams achieve their most important goals.

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Humu nudges, now all in one place

Making improvement easy is important to us. That’s why we rolled out a new way to access everything Humu—including nudges—all in one place. Got a nudge you love and never want to forget? Now you can save it by tapping the star icon within Humu.

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