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What’s New at Humu – February 2020 Edition

Written by Liz Fosslien

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At Humu, we get it. Working together isn’t always smooth sailing. Humans are complex. Even if you have great people on a team, interpersonal friction can slow them down. 

What if a tiny nudge—in the right moment, personalized to the individual—could make everything easier?

What’s a nudge, anyway?

The word “nudge” gets thrown around a lot these days. At Humu, a nudge is much more than a glorified notification. It’s a precise, personalized coaching moment, based on Nobel-prize winning science and delivered when you need it most: in the flow of your day-to-day, and in the moments that matter. 

Every single one of our nudges is backed by rigorous academic research. By continually reviewing the academic literature, our People Scientists are able to identify the tiniest interventions that will have the biggest impact for specific types of employees and in specific environments.

The careful calibration doesn’t stop there. Once nudges are out in the wild, our Nudge Engine® integrates a range of signals to constantly monitor the effectiveness of each one, tweaking or turning off those that don’t get results.

The result? The exact right message to the exact right person, at the moment when it’s easiest to take action.

Why nudges beat notifications

While notifications become less effective the more often they’re sent, nudges are the opposite: across customers, we find that users turn to nudges more over time. In fact, nudge engagement rates within our first partner organizations have climbed to as high as 95%.

Nudges work, because they’re based on the science of how people actually work together. People who get nudges are 2.4x more likely to take action than their peers, 10% more productive, and 8% less likely to leave their company.

If you’re curious to learn more, we’d love to hear from you!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

We’re taking a quick break from reader questions this month to highlight our new illustrations. 

Last year, our team ran research to evaluate the effectiveness of our old, fish-themed style. We loved the fish (and still do) but it became clear that there was a mismatch between the perception of those fish illustrations and how we hoped people would view Humu. 


The new style: emotive, imperfect, and inclusive


The new illustrations, like Humu’s nudges, help people understand the science of how to make work better. It’s a great match for our mission. For more, read our blog post about the update.

What’s happening at Humu:

As part of celebrating Black History Month, we gathered together to hear from a few of our incredible team members about their experiences, and to discuss what we can each do to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. A big thank you to Tony Douglas, Jr., Ricardo Creighton, and Daniel Worku for their vulnerability and honesty, and to Humu co-founder Wayne Crosby for moderating.


Our inspiring panel participants!

What a month! Our CEO Laszlo Bock shared how nudges can unlock the potential of individuals and organizations with the Wall Street Journal, outlined the three reasons culture matters more than ever on Thrive, and talked to The Financial Times about how to beat procrastination, Red Thread Research named us as the company that offers the most continuous, customized analytics, engineering manager Sophie Alpert talked to React about how React has evolved over the years,  and if you haven’t yet, check out the stories of our founding team members (Laszlo Bock, Wayne Crosby, and Dr. Jessie Wisdom) in The Passion Economy, a new book by Planet Money’s Adam Davidson.

On the speaking front, catch Laszlo speaking at The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Network event, Laszlo and Jessie at the ASU GSV Summit, People Scientists Fiona Lee, Molly Sands, and Stefanie Tignor on a panel at SPSP, and five (!) of our People Scientists at this year’s SIOP.

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