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What’s New at Humu – January 2020 Edition

Written by Liz Fosslien

Welcome to 2020! 

We’re using the start of the new year, a natural reflection point, as a chance to look at how much we’ve grown since we first announced the Nudge Engine® a little over a year ago. 

(We encourage you to also set aside time to intentionally celebrate your wins. Research shows that people are more likely to focus on their shortcomings than their successes, so don’t forget to remind yourself every now and then what you’re capable of.)

In 2019, we nudged new hires, team members, managers, managers-of-managers, executives and everyone in between at all types of organizations, in all kinds of workplaces (including call centers, restaurants, oil rigs, and corporate offices), and on just about every continent. 

We also made our nudges smarter, to ensure we deliver the perfectly personalized, tiny recommendation to every team member. People told us nudges helped them build better habits, get more done in less time, and connect with their colleagues. That’s why we saw that employees who got nudges were 2.4x more likely to take action than their peers, and 8% less likely to leave their company

While we built our product to drive all kinds of measurable improvements, we focused our efforts on three main use cases:

Adaptive Culture

To maximize their strategic advantage, organizations need to cultivate innovative, resilient, and unified workforces. We fine-tuned our proprietary approach to help everyone in an organization quickly prepare for and respond to large-scale shifts—and to keep doing so over time. Learn more >

Manager Effectiveness

In today’s constantly changing work environment, managers must be able to quickly leverage the collective talents of their teams. We gave managers the personalized, ongoing support they need to quickly and continually leverage the collective talents of their teams. Learn more >

Diversity & Inclusion

When it comes to investing in a diverse and inclusive workforce, small ongoing efforts matter more than one-time trainings. Our People Scientists created a way to engage each employee by nudging them to take the small, incremental steps that help organizations achieve measurable D&I goals beyond representation. Learn more >

2019 was quite a year, which means we’re heading into the new decade with a lot of excitement and momentum. Stay tuned for so much more to come!

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

Each month, we pick a question from a reader and offer tactical tips on how to handle their work-related issue. (If you’d like advice, let us know by replying to this email!) Anjuli wrote in to ask:I manage a team spread across several continents. Do you have any tips for creating a sense of community within the group?”

Our localization manager Jake Goldwasser’s top tip? “Develop a meaningful relationship with Every. Single. Person.” he told us. “A simple check-in is an important element of this, as is being vulnerable.” More helpful ideas from Jake up on our blog.

What’s happening at Humu

‘Twas the season for our Great Annual Bake-Off! A big thank you to Megan Gao, a member of our Partner Experience team, and recruiter Katherine Bouskos for organizing one of the most delicious Humu traditions. Prizes were awarded to the most creative, ambitious, delicious, and surprising treats.

The winners of this year’s great bake-off! #bakeworkbatter

The year has only just begun, but it’s already shaping up to be a great one! The stories of our founding team members (Laszlo Bock, Wayne Crosby, and Dr. Jessie Wisdom) were featured in a chapter of The Passion Economy, a new book by Planet Money’s Adam Davidson, Laszlo talked to Behavioral Scientist about why intelligent nudges will become the best way to accelerate growth, Jessie was selected as one of Business Insider’s Women Business Leaders to Watch in 2020, you can now watch the talk our Head of User Research Marieke McCloskey gave at the Women in Product Conference about how to help startups make better decisions, Robbie Tilleard, a member of our Partner Experience team, covered employee happiness at Worldwebforum, and I (Liz Fosslien, Humu’s Head of Content) filmed a video with TED about the line between sharing and oversharing at work and spoke to the MIT Sloan Management Review about how leaders can embrace emotion.

On the speaking front, catch Laszlo at The Wall Street Journal’s CIO Network event, Jessie at the ASU GSV Summit, Chief Privacy Officer Lea Kissner at Enigma and the Silicon Flatirons conference, Head of Security Bryan Zimmer at BSides SF 2020, and People Scientists Fiona Lee, Molly Sands, and Stefanie Tignor on a panel at SPSP.

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