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What’s New With Humu—July 2018

Written by Emily Bock

Ahhh, summer. The warmer weather on both coasts has us feeling extra social, and we’re sharing some seasonal research to help navigate the dog days whether you’re holding down the fort at work or taking some much needed time off.

What we’re doing…

Humu has been logging major miles this summer, traveling to see our partners in the U.S. and Europe. Whether hosting informal sessions, taking part in global conferences, or in-depth people science reviews, meeting face to face with companies investing in their workforce is always time well spent.

CogX Conference

Laszlo spoke at the CogX Conference in London this summer – here, he shares what is missing from the quest to solve people challenges with data. Click on the photo to listen in on this and the rest of the AI and HR panel.

Back at Humu HQ we’re welcoming new team members almost every week, including interns who are spending their summers on Castro Street—we’ll be profiling a few of them on Facebook soon! This means extra social time on the calendar (game night, anyone?) to get to know each other.

What we’re learning…

Work friendships are great, but they can be tricky. The NYTimes details the complications of befriending a colleague—what researchers refer to as multiplex relationships. Despite the risks of mixing business with pleasure, bonding with colleagues can be valuable both personally and professionally. The key to a long lasting bond? Like in any relationship, assume good intent in your work pals, and communicate often.

What we’re loving…

Have 94 hours to spare this summer? According to researchers at the University of Kansas it takes just under a hundred hours for adults to turn an acquaintance into a casual friend. Meaningful relationships take almost double the time—and how you spend every moment matters, as some folks bond over conversations while other friendships bloom through shared activities… At Humu HQ, we’re gearing up for a charity run, so hopefully fitness counts!

What we’re reading…

It’s time to unplug. From checking email, to constant mobile notifications, we’re constantly pulled from paying attention to the people who matter most. In her new book Attention Pays, author Neen James writes that while device addiction is harmful, more attention to the issue is resulting in a proliferation of public spaces designated for technology free connections. Cheers to that!

What you’re sharing…

‘Tis the season for out of office replies. Looking for permission to be extra honest on your next auto-responder? Here you go.

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