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You’re invited: A conversation with Laszlo Bock and Cass R. Sunstein

Written by Liz Fosslien

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned just how much of an impact small, individual actions—washing your hands, social distancing, staying home—can have on society as a whole.  

At Humu, we know that the same is true in the business world. It’s the seemingly small gestures and behaviors of each team member that determine how well an organization can weather a crisis.

The question then becomes: how can policymakers and business leaders alike help people adopt the habits that improve the health of nations and organizations?

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, April 23rd at 9am PT with Humu CEO and co-founder Laszlo Bock and Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard University Cass R. Sunstein to learn how behavioral science can help combat a pandemic. Laszlo, author of Work Rules!, was the CHRO at Google for 10 years before founding Humu, and Cass is the co-author of Nudge, which popularized the Nobel Prize-winning nudge theory.

Laszlo and Cass will discuss specific behavioral science interventions that are workin, “sludge” and why it’s even more dangerous during a crisis, and the long-term effects the pandemic may have on our lives and work,

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Laszlo and Cass will be taking questions toward the end of the webinar, so come prepared with a few topics you’d like to discuss! 


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