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You’re invited: A conversation with Laszlo Bock and Cass R. Sunstein

April 20, 2020 — Written by Liz Fosslien

Over the past few weeks, we’ve learned just how much of an impact small, individual actions—washing your hands, social distancing, staying home—can have on society as a whole.  

At Humu, we know that the same is true in the business world. It’s the seemingly small gestures and behaviors of each team member that determine how well an organization can weather a crisis.

The question then becomes: how can policymakers and business leaders alike help people adopt the habits that improve the health of nations and organizations?

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, April 23rd at 9am PT with Humu CEO and co-founder Laszlo Bock and Robert Walmsley University Professor at Harvard University Cass R. Sunstein to learn how behavioral science can help combat a pandemic. Laszlo, author of Work Rules!, was the CHRO at Google for 10 years before founding Humu, and Cass is the co-author of Nudge, which popularized the Nobel Prize-winning nudge theory.

Laszlo and Cass will discuss specific behavioral science interventions that are workin, “sludge” and why it’s even more dangerous during a crisis, and the long-term effects the pandemic may have on our lives and work,

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Laszlo and Cass will be taking questions toward the end of the webinar, so come prepared with a few topics you’d like to discuss! 


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