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You’re invited: Supporting New Hires With Better Remote Onboarding

Written by Liz Fosslien

Starting a job is always nerve-wracking—but even more so when you’re joining a distributed team. People who onboard remotely are at higher risk for isolation, impostor syndrome, and overwhelm. What can leaders do to help new hires have a smoother, less stressful onboarding experience when everyone is working from home?

Join us for a candid conversation on Thursday, November 12th at 9am PT hosted by our CEO Laszlo Bock, People Scientist Leslie Caputo, and Data Scientist Mark Freeman.

The group will discuss:

  • Tips for getting new hires up to speed in a remote environment
  • Ways to help new hires feel confident and cared for
  • Lessons from companies who are getting it right


A link to the recording will be sent out to everyone who registers for the event.

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