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You’re invited: Why resilience beats contingency planning every time

Written by Liz Fosslien

In times of crisis, organizations need to adapt quickly to support their people and innovate by taking smart risks. Coming out intact on the other side is not just about having a plan, it’s about readying your people for change. 

Resilience—the capacity to recover and function in the face of adversity—is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s an imperative.   

Join us for a live webinar on Thursday, April 16th at 9am PT with Humu CEO and co-founder Laszlo Bock and People Scientist Dr. Molly Sands about how leaders can help their people build resilience in the face of crisis. Laszlo, author of Work Rules!, was the CHRO at Google for 10 years before founding Humu, and Molly holds a PhD in Social Psychology focused on emotional wellbeing. 

Laszlo and Molly will cover science-backed ways to help teams build resilience, how to best offer employees the support they need, and tactical tips for quickly adapting to change.

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Resilience is both a business imperative and an opportunity — to engage your entire workforce, to lead with empathy, and to emerge stronger on the other side.

P.S. See our Crisis Resilience solution to learn more about how Humu can help your team or organization become more resilient.

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