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Dr. Jessie Wisdom – Co-founder (People Science)

Dr. Jessie Wisdom – Co-Founder (People Science) of Humu

Dr. Jessie Wisdom, Co-Founder (People Science) of Humu

Dr. Jessie Wisdom

Co-founder, People Science

Dr. Jessie Wisdom is co-founder and head of People Science at Humu, a behavioral change platform that nudges people towards better ways of working.

Prior to building Humu, Jessie led projects for Google’s People Innovation Lab (the research arm of Google’s People Analytics team), with a focus on improving organizational decision-making and driving behavioral change.

Jessie received her Ph.D. in Behavioral Decision Research from Carnegie Mellon University, where her research included human decision-making around food choices, and encouraging healthy eating.

Areas of Expertise

  • People Science
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Decision-Making
  • Business Transformation