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Humu's unique approach

How nudges work

At Humu, we know that humans are complex. It can be hard to identify exactly what a given team or person should be focused on.

But what if a tiny nudge—delivered in the right moment, personalized to the individual—could make work easier?

What's a nudge, anyway?

Nudges are precise, personalized coaching moments, delivered when your people need them most: in the flow of their day-to-day, and in the moments that matter.

Nudge-by-nudge, person-by-person, team-by-team, better ways of working ripple across your entire organization.

Based in science

Our nudges are backed by Nobel Prize-winning science and developed by the inventors of People Analytics

Better work habits

Give everyone in your organization an executive coach experience via personalized nudges

Quantifiable change

Over time, nudges compound to continuously improve your business at every level

How Humu creates nudges

Humu’s team of People Scientists—PhDs and behavioral science experts—continually review the academic literature to identify tiny interventions that will have the biggest impact for specific types of employees and in specific environments.

Once we’ve determined what goes into a given nudge, our writers translate the scientific research into short, engaging messages with a clear call to action. Nudges are then tested by user experience panels to make sure they are effective and easy to understand.

Our thorough approach enables us to deliver perfectly customized nudges to employees at all types of organizations, in all kinds of workplaces (including call centers, restaurants, oil rigs, and corporate offices), and on just about every continent.

Not a stock photo! Actual People Scientists at Humu.

Why nudges are more than notifications


Action over the long-term

People tell us nudges help them build better habits, get more done in less time, and connect with their colleagues.


More effective over time

While notifications become less effective the more often they’re sent, nudges are the opposite: across customers, we find that employees turn to them more over time. Nudge engagement rates are as high as 95%.


Dynamically customized to the individual

Nudges are precisely customized and dynamically adjust over time to meet each person exactly where they are. Our Nudge Engine® integrates a range of signals to constantly monitor the effectiveness of nudges, tweaking or turning off those that don’t get results.

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